Find the best places to retire in the Tampa Bay Area

Florida named the best state to retire in 2022                   

Let's explore where the St. Pete and Tampa areas fit.

This years Bankrate study took into account 5 broad categories including:


21% of Floridians are 65 and older making Florida an ideal destination for potential retirees seeking a melting pot of friends and interests.

Florida provides residence with a warm climate and a light tax burden. In addition to offering a vacation destination for friends and family to visit, the Tampa Bay area provides a diverse range of activities and communities to meet everyones interests so lets see how they compare for potential retirees.

National Ranking
Tampa (9th)
St. Petersburg (15th)

Tampa is ranked higher in Activites with the Straz Performing Arts Center and top tier Buccaneers and Lightning sports teams not to mention an assortment of musems, destination parks and concert venues.

But just across the bridge

St. Petersburg is ranked higher in Quality of Life and Healthcare. A wide array of restuarants, recreation and activity centers provide opportunities to do what you love and perhaps discover something new. You can check out the list of cities at Wallethub.

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